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New Year, New Room, New You: Our Favorite 2019 Interior Design Trends

Posted on January 25 2019

Written by Anastasia Rhyne

New Year, New Room, New You: Our Favorite 2019 Interior Design Trends

Is It Time For Your Home's Yearly Checkup?


Velvet Couch, Black Walls, Brass Lighting, and a Fun Rug? Looks like the best way to combine our favorite decorating trends for 2019.


Are you looking to rejuvenate your decorating for the new year?

Does your home need its annual wellness checkup? Even as we wrapped up 2018, we've been looking forward to our favorite up and coming interior design and decorating trends for the new year. We'll tour the trends we're most excited about and show you how they can be a treat for all the senses, ensuring your home has the healthy, renewing energy you need to start your new year off right.

In 2019 we're embracing boldness in all its facets, from daring paint colors to unique furniture materials to distinctive fixtures. The new year is all about celebrating life and cultivating positive change, and these trends will help you bring that renewing spirit into your home. Whether you're bored with your existing decor or moving into a new space, here are the top decorating tips to personalize your home and create the atmosphere you crave.


Daring, Dark Walls

Darker hues are moving from furniture and onto the walls this year! We're seeing a huge surge in matte black paint, as well as deeper blues, greens, and reds. These darker tones make each space feel warm and cozy while adding depth to rooms that lighter colors just can't achieve. To avoid the room seeming too cluttered, we suggest adding lighter colored furniture or accessories, as well as letting in as much natural light as possible.

 My favorite way to keep a room open and accessible but maintain the drama is to use a light colored, simple patterned area rug. If you like strong pops of color, you can also go for a bright accent rug to really dial it up. This softens the entire room and makes it feel cozy and warm.


Matte Black walls give depth to this living room, while the curved sofa and gold curtains add opulence. The traditional oriental rug highlights all the accent colors and adds softness.The deep navy accent wall in this room matches perfectly with this rug, decorated with a blue polka dot pattern.A leather chair and brass accents compliment the dark walls and wood in this home office, and the modern rug brings a lighter color to brighten the room.


Caravan Couture

Bohemian style has been floating around for years, but we're seeing it make big waves this year. Artwork and textiles sourced from around the world, unique and often thrifted furniture, and broad color palates are breaking to the front of the fashion pack. Try framing kids' art projects and hanging them in the living room; not only does it add personality, but it'll make the little artists in your life feel valued and confident in their skills.

Greenery is also a big part of this reemerging trend, and it's good for the health too! Indoor plants increase air filtration and can have just as much personality as a pet. Succulents are a great low-maintenance option that can also have other applications. Aloe Vera is commonly recommended because it does great in full sun, needs little watering, and the sap inside the leaves can be used as a natural sunburn remedy (very useful during our Valley summers) and makes a great hair gel as well!


Eclectic wall art, bright colors, and lots of indoor plants contribute to the eclectic bohemian style of this entry way, and the modern take on a traditional rug ties it all together.Mixed textures, like the worn wooden shelves and the plush shag rug in this hallway, provide exciting transitions between living spaces.Diverse sculptures and prints bring a worldly flair to this fireplace, and with all those rugs to choose from they're sure to have an visually vibrant home.


Rustic Roots

As the world at large makes strides in green living, we're seeing more natural, organic materials move back into the home. Warm wood floors such as birch, walnut, and maple are high on designers' hit lists. Concrete, granite, and stone are also taking starring roles in fireplaces, countertops, flooring, and furniture.  Fixtures are moving away from rose gold with copper handles, lighting, and hardware filling the gap for those of us who love red-toned metals. Unique, artisanal lighting in warm metal tones are also huge this year. Leave the bare bulbs to Edison, because vintage and one-of-a-kind pendants are here to illuminate our lives.

This trend really lends itself to a city lifestyle and industrial styling taste. The best way to make a loft apartment look more like a home and less like a factory is to add some comfy textiles into the mix. Handcrafted rugs, especially wool, allow you to keep the spirit of the natural while providing a soft counterpoint to all the gorgeous rustic surfaces. Area rugs also help dampen noise in a room, which is a concern when decorating with concrete and stone.


These warm pine walls with built-in shelves and the concrete fireplace bring a soft industrial feel to this family room. The black and white rug has carved details that ensure the style in this room starts from the floor up.Untreated wooden doors and a rust-colored, Southwest-inspired rug really bring the rustic flair to this entry way.The handmade, natural wool in this rug perfectly compliments the simple wooden table in this dining room.


Maximalist Luxury

Maximalism relies on the principle of mixing textures, patterns, and materials. Velvet could very well be the fabric of the year in 2019, and we're seeing it implemented in gorgeous curved sofas and mix-and-match throw pillows. Acrylic furniture is another standout this year, as it gives architectural structure to a room without making it too visually busy. The smooth, shiny finish also plays well with other lighting and color elements, amplifying the impact of other features in the room.

We're also loving multifunctional spaces, like this mudroom/entryway below with the combo bench and cabinets. Adding throw pillows helps it feel more like a sofa than a storage space, and the coat hangers make sure anything you need before leaving the house is close at hand.


The beautiful watercolor-like pattern on this modern rug is shown off through the acrylic table in this living room.A bold floral rug offsets the dark walls and furniture, while providing a perfect stage for the marble-topped golden table to shine.Dark cabinet seating, throw pillows, coat hooks, and a fun, textural rug combine to make this mudroom the only stop you need to make on your way out of the house.


Living Coral ‑ Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year



Making a splash on both fashion runways and home shows is Living Coral, the gorgeous combination of pink and orange that Pantone has deemed 2019's color of the year. This bright, warm color "welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity [and symbolizes] our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits." [1]  Living Coral would make a gorgeous accent wall to bring fun flair into a family room (especially if you can get some natural light bouncing off of it), or makes a beautiful accent color achieved through home textiles. Check out our Encompass 456 rug below, which features Living Coral and other warm tones guaranteed to brighten up your great room or den.


Warm and fun, this Encompass rug featuring Living Coral will be sure to keep the fun going into the late hours of the night.


Are there any other upcoming trends that caught your eye? Write us a comment so we can add to our list! Don't forget to visit our online store, as our second collection will debut soon starring some of the products you saw above! The New Bohemians are coming, everybody, so get ready! In future entries we'll be discussing further color trends, how to complete a soft remodel, and the hallmarks of different interior design styles, starting with Mid-Century Modern.  Are there any other decorating styles, tips, or forecasts you want to know more about? Let us know in the comments below.

Feel It, Love It, Live It!


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  • Alexia P. Bullard: January 28, 2019

    Dark walls and caravan couture are two design aesthetics that I just can’t get enough of. They’re definitely cozy and make the room seem like such a positive place.

    Loved this blog post!

    - Alexia P. Bullard

  • April: January 28, 2019

    Very lovely well written post. Gives me a lot to think about for my own home.

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