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Meet The New Bohemians: Global Roots With Modern Style

Posted on May 03 2019

Written by Anastasia Rhyne

Meet The New Bohemians: Global Roots With Modern Style

Caravan Couture as Easy as 1-2-3!

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the New Bohemians! A tantalizing tour of textures and hues is in store. We took a crash course in lush living and played with so many product options to bring you Series 2, and we can promise you these hand-picked rugs + throws + pillows will delight family and guests alike!

Bohemian style is the "messy bun" of interior design: it looks artfully thrown together in two seconds right before people showed up, but in reality we spend hours perfecting every strand. With The New Bohemians Series, we help you cut the typical design time in half by providing you with a carefully hand-chosen selection of rugs + pillows + throws that you can mix and match to create your ideal living space.

You might wonder why the Boho style continues to be a popular fashion statement, so we've broken the new series down to the details that make this style shine. Take the tour of The New Bohemians below!



If you're looking for a texture party, you came to the right place! Our Nikka and Sheena Rug Collections were chosen for their high-contrast pile heights you can really dig your toes into! Both Rug Collections are available in multiple color combos, from neutrals to brights, for maximum versatility! These fluffy masterpieces are perfect for setting the mood of your room, or for layering smaller accent pieces on top of for twice the comfy.

The Carly pillows are the tactile-lover's dream. Many of the Carly pillows are coordinated to the Sheena Rug Collection, while other Carly Pillows harmonize with all of the New Bohemians. If embroidery is more your style, Series 2 has gorgeous options for you as well! Lizzy pillows have a fun world traveler theme, including a compass print, elephants, tigers, and other cute characters!  The New Bohemians pillow collections have knits, embroidery, fringe, tassels, and tufts (aka all the textiles you need to craft the best sensory experience possible).  


Color is king in the design world, and the New Bohemians brought royalty with them! The Joy Rug Collection has the stunning juxtaposition of faded ombre old-world patterns with a modern color palette. Whether you're a fan of big medallions or bold florals, Joy has the variety you're looking for in cheerful hues like Sunset, Fiesta, Mist, and Stone.

Did you know you can embrace the rainbow and go-green at the same time? Abba pillows are made of recycled Sari silk, meaning you can feel good about your purchase plus make your sofa look pretty too! Abba pillows come in 9 color options, so we can't decide on a favorite! Ringo pillows are sliding in right next to Abba as color superstars of the New Bohemians. Their unusual shades like peacock and terracotta give you more options to play within the color palette, and the fluffy finish will have everyone in the family wanting their own.

A must-have finishing touch for any caravan inspired room is a few cozy throw blankets. The Allana and Darcy Throw Blanket Collections have all the colors you could dream of. Allana has vibrant hues and a cable knit that will keep you warm on the chilliest of evenings. Darcy's more muted tones and handcrafted crochet finish are ideal for accenting your favorite colors and for wrapping around your shoulders on your next Netflix binge.


Playing up mix-and-match patterns is a core tenet of Bohemian style, and our new Series 2 gives you so many options to combine! The Wild Ones Collection is safari-inspired with tigers, zebras, and a whole slew of elegant animal prints. We suggest using a shaped animal hide rug for layering on top of a more neutral rug or flooring. The Daydream collection is also a winner when it comes to pattern. Bold all-over florals and tribal-inspired geometric designs in bright colors are sure to take you to an exotic place. And who can say no to the adorable tassels on the ends?

The Enya throws are the ideal final layer for the pattern junkie. All four throws in the collection are handcrafted, so they really turn up the charm. So versatile and luxurious, you'll want one for every room! Rainbow basket weave, stripes with lace accents, and fluffy tufts of fur will inspire everyday whimsy.

In essence, Series 2 is a celebration of color, texture, and design curated to create a festive mood in your home. Now you've seen the superstars of the New Bohemians are you ready for a modern caravan couture makeover? Whether you're a color connoisseur, a texture fan or a pattern lover, the New Bohemians has something to hit everything on your checklist. Make sure to explore the entire series for hidden gems we didn't have a chance to mention in this article.

Drop us a comment below with your favorite New Bohemian accessory!

Feel It, Love It, Live It!

Products Pictured 
Carly 0406 Blue/Grey Pillow
Carly 0409 Blue/Teal Pillow
Carly 0402 Multi Pillow
Carly 0403 Multi Pillow
Carly 0404 Blue/Multi Pillow
Carly 0400 Multi Pillow
Sheena 03 Granite Rug
Lizzy 0776 Green Pillow
Nikka 01 Ivory/Slate Rug
 Darcy 0434 Blue Throw
 Joy 01 Sunset/Ivory Rug
 Allana 0160 Orange Throw
 Abba 0242 Rust/Multi Pillow (13x21 and 22x22)
 Ringo 0045 Tan Pillow
 Daydream 08 Santa Fe Spice Rug
Wild Ones 10 Charcoal Accent Rug
Wild Ones 31 Black/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug
 Enya T0039 Multi Throw

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