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Rug Shopping in the Digital Age - Enjoy A Tailored Experience

Posted on December 18 2018

Written by Anastasia Rhyne

Rug Shopping in the Digital Age - Enjoy A Tailored Experience


Decorating Help At Your Fingertips

Pre-Styled Concepts




Online shopping can be difficult. It's easy to get overwhelmed with so many choices, especially when you can't physically see and touch everything. And putting together a room makeover from an online store? If I can't pile things together to see how they look and feel, I'm hopeless. 

Thankfully, World of Rugs is taking some of that guesswork out of the picture for you with our hand-picked series of rugs, throws, and pillows. We'll be periodically bringing you new collections of themed textiles designed to mix and match so you can create a look for your home that will be chic and elegant with half of the work.  






Now... with one click explore your unique personal style using home concepts loving prepared by our design professionals. A single destination shopping site that bundles area rugs, sofa pillows and snuggly throws in thematic decorating solutions for a quick “soft remodel” of any room in your home.

I'm currently moving, and I want to make sure my new space is the essence of relaxation and calm. For me, there's no better way to do that than to have as much soft and fluffy material around as possible. I'm so excited about new fur pillows to add to my nest (more on pillow nests in a future post), and nothing says "Anastasia's Space" like something that sparkles, like the metallic hide rugs. With the gorgeous combo of blush pink and cream featured in several new pieces, I can have the mature but feminine room I've always wanted. Finally, my apartment won't look like something a six-year-old designed!



Southwest MEETS Palm Springs





Our first Series, City Slicker, pays tribute to our company’s roots in Arizona. City Slicker features a modern Southwest décor style and brings rustic glam to life in your home. Hide rugs with metallic accents, cozy faux fur throws, and stylish pillows can be combined to compliment the style of any living room, bedroom, or home office. This fun and versatile collection is great for layering with other styles and has amazing Mid-Century Modern appeal. From solid shags to natural-looking dappled hides to native-inspired prints; with all the different color combinations and textures to blend together, the possibilities for unique designs are endless!

Transform From The Floor Up

Not only does the City Slicker Series make it easy to build your perfect collection of home textiles, the shop is also convenient to use as well. Look through the curated collection of accessories to find your favorites and add them to your cart. You can review your choices and see just how well the pieces all mesh together before moving forward with shipping and payment information.

We've done the searching, hunting, and gathering for you – we'll show you how to put it all together, easy as 1-2-3. Start with your base, a textural hide rug, and build your way up with an assortment of pillows and a cuddly throw to achieve your design dreams. As our company owner reminds us, "the home should be a tactile environment; if you build your design from the ground up, you will create comfort you can feel as soon as you enter the room."  

Shop the City Slicker Series today and bring home stunning southwestern-inspired rugs, throws, and pillows that you and your family will love. Spark your imagination for decorating possibilities with our unique themes – see it, love it, buy it on the spot! You can also join our mailing list for exclusive sneak peeks of new arrivals, exciting announcements, and discount codes! Our emails keep you in the know about what's new in our stores and online.

Does your urban decor need a country kick? What about some hippie harmony? Keep an eye out for our next Series, coming soon, with nomadic notes and boho beauty galore. Drop a comment below and let us know where you want your home to take you.

Feel It, Love It, Live It!

Products Pictured 
La Quinta Ivory Metallic Faux Hide Rug
La Qunita Tan Metallic Faux Hide Rug 
La Quinta Walnut Metallic Faux Hide Rug 
Vista Metallic Faux Hide Pillows 
Plateau Throws



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