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Rug Care

Regular Maintenance & Care Suggestions

The first thing we recommend is that you purchase a pad to put underneath your rug. This will keep your rug from sliding around, which can cause premature wear, and will help retain its original appearance longer.

Vacuuming is the best way to remove every-day dirt and dust. Vacuum once a week, or less if your rug is in a low foot traffic area. Special care should be taken in the fringe area as vacuuming with a beater bar can catch and pull the fringe. Use the vacuum on the lowest setting for suction and beater bar action. In the first year of use, you might notice some excess fuzz that accumulates on the rug surface. This fuzzing is perfectly normal and in no way shortens the life of the rug. It is merely the result of loose fibers.

Lastly, remember to rotate your rug periodically. Over the years, set foot traffic or sunlight patterns can cause fading or uneven wear.

Professional Cleaning. We suggest sending your rug to a reputable professional who is accustomed to cleaning quality rugs when your rug appears dirty or has set-in stains. In-home cleaning is not recommended, though we do suggest taking immediate action in the case of spills to lessen stains.

Immediate Action on Spills. Natural wool fiber sheds liquid spills, so quick action offers the chance of preventing a stain. Blot spills (do not rub) with a damp cloth and mild cleaning solution. This action will help prevent stains from setting in.

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